A way to shorten links and earn money with paid link shorteners

Maximum websites make cash thru things like selling advert space, associate products or their very own virtual merchandise and so on. A few monetization methods are extra or less passive, a few require ongoing paintings, a few seem to healthy a specific internet site properly, others no longer so much.



Maximum web sites make money through things like promoting advert space, associate merchandise or their personal virtual products and so on. Some monetization strategies are more or less passive, a few require ongoing work, a few seem to in shape a particular internet site properly, others not so much. Innovative internet site owners can integrate a selection of methods and use them concurrently. You have got to test a mixture of strategies to see what works quality for you. But nowadays i’m going to explain a brand new layer with paid link shorteners and the effects of my personal assessments –    the shorteners that are the most profitable. So read on in case you would like to feature another first-rate weapon of preference in your internet site monetization arsenal!

Why Use A Link Shortener?

Store area and “decorate” hyperlinks. Brief hyperlinks appearance higher and are extra user pleasant. For a few kinds of communications like textual content messages or twitter posting it’s critical to preserve hyperlinks brief to go away room for a message (as you possibly realize a tweet is a hundred and forty characters lengthy)
monitoring & facts. Some shorteners supply information about clicks, impressions and a number of other trackable records. Disguise a goal url. When you see a shortened url, you don’t know in which you will land when you click it. So, a few people use this to hide the goal url. And sooner or later, women and gentlemen:
earning money. You could earn cash whenever a short link is clicked! Ayeuhayueuhayueuh! Show me the money – how to shorten hyperlinks and earn cash
now you have preferred idea of the way link shorteners work, let’s turn our interest on how to use them to make extra cash! Now not all shorteners let you earn cash. So we are able to recognition totally paid link shorteners that give you all of the advantages of a everyday shorteners however with the added capability to make money. I’m going to position all of the great ones to the take a look at in this text! How paid shorteners work
in case you add an advertising layer to a traditional shortener, you receives a commission hyperlink shortener. The layer is added between a shortened url and destination web page and this is how cash comes into play. How it works in practice:

vacationer clicks a shortened hyperlink (shortened url)
ad is displayed on an intermediate web page – you earn money. The vacationer is redirected from the intermediate web page to the destination page (lengthy url)
this technique of earning profits has a few interesting blessings. What i really like maximum is that it doesn’t consume real property space of your web sites which can be higher positioned to apply for improving email conversion. How to shorten links and earn money
secondly, you rework leaving site visitors into profit and last but not least, brief hyperlinks may be used anywhere, e. G. On facebook pages, twitter, emails and many others. Selecting the satisfactory paid link shortener
when i found paid link shorteners, they seemed to be a wonderful additional move of sales for two of my websites, so i decided to provide them a strive. The hassle became i couldn’t locate any credible records about the performance of the special corporations and there were many contrary opinions amongst customers. No longer to say that i’ve visible loads of latest players getting into the marketplace like rock-stars (imparting extremely excessive cpms) and vanishing like ghosts after a month or two. As  i agree with numbers and stats greater than opinions of informal customers, i decided to conduct my very own exams to find the best paying url shortener that actually will pay out. Now i’m much wiser and i’d want to share this understanding with you.

Building My Landing Page and Driving Traffic

For benchmark purposes i quick built a touchdown-web page with movie trailers. When a visitor clicked a film cowl, a shortener displayed an advert and then the traveller was redirected to a desired web page to see a movie trailer. My touchdown-page
to setup a quick take a look at i released a paid campaign (ppv) with a run of the mill pop-underneath ad to drive visitors. I drove visitors to the paid shorteners for four days altogether:

1st day – thirteenth of april – handiest us traffic
3 following days – 21, 22 and 23 of april – mixed traffic: us + different nations
other countries covered:
u. S. (us)
spain (es)
indonesia (id)
saudi arabia (sa)
poland (pl)
mexico (mx)
brasil (br)
how i accumulated and analyzed data
to investigate the overall performance of each shortener i accumulated:

precise clicks: what number of precise tourist link clicks had been generated. This changed into the maximum important facts for me, as overall performance of my websites (and most web sites which use paid link shorteners) base on precise site visitors. I used particular clicks (visitors) to calculate ecpm. Sales: how a lot cash i earned with each shortener at some stage in the take a look at. And additional statistics which can be beneficial to compare shorteners’ overall performance:
link clicks: how many times my touchdown-web page become clicked. Counted views (with the aid of shortener): how many views (of the intermediate ad web page) had been counted by using a shortener. Counted traffic (by using shortener): how many unique site visitors have been counted. The facts comes from:
link clicks and specific clicks i tracked on my touchdown-web page with google analytics. Revenue, counted perspectives and counted traffic is proven in dashboard of each shortener. Tracking site visitors with google analytics
i took benefit of google analytics occasion tracking best practices to track all of my traffic. How i accumulate and measured facts (analytics instance)
this may be damaged down as

event category (traffic divided via u . S . A .. E. G. Shortest/mx is a hyperlink clicked by visitors from mexico)
unique events (precise clicks)
general events (link clicks)
records from paid shortener dashboards
i created some hyperlinks and despatched them visitors, one link in keeping with country. Understanding that, i ought to have a look at what number of views have been generated from each united states and correlate this facts with shorteners’ stats. As an instance:

1962 unique site visitors (precise clicks) have been sent from saudi arabia (sa)
$ 1. 09 earned
shorteners screenshot
money and ecpm 
as i knew what number of specific traffic i’d sent to each shortener (my google analytics facts) and how much money i earned from this site visitors i used to be able to calculate performance of every shortener. Performance of each shortener is defined by way of ecpm. Ecpm is calculated by dividing total profits by way of overall quantity of impressions in heaps. Ecpm defined


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